Alita : Battle Angel

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#Alita : Battle AngelTheBest


I missed the old Alita : Battle Angel


Where is spidey? He should be in this movie...




BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2:17 that’s what everyone came here for


At least the got the look of Alita : Battle Angel right this time.


Okay.... I’m in!


Good job fuckers ruined Alita : Battle Angel what's next?


omg tom hardy. superb acting. awesome action. great story and direction. this is marvel where villains get their own movies. ߘ


Reminds me of The darkness games


q verga , EL ES UN VILLANO ,NO UN ANTIHEROE la ptm ya cagaron otra historia, pendejos chupapijas de heroe.


I hear something similar to the infinity war trailer music in here, anyone else?


and spaydermon?


So where's carnage?


Can't wait for this movie!!!!!!


Is that Papa Legba calling out for a. Deal? ߘ


D’yall notice she said “Symbiotes” PLURAL?!


We are Alita : Battle Angel


Is real?


Is this mcu


This is going to be a hell of a movie. DC can learn from marvel how to make movies


we are Alita : Battle Angel




This Is amazing


It got more views faster than deadpool 2 final trailer WTF


I going to watch the movie \nDont really care if nobody else does !


Tom hardy, Riz Ahmed &Jenny slate in one movie? What a combo of actors!!! Actually really hyped


So now bane has these superpowers?;)


Omg infinite war and Alita : Battle Angel omgggggg


Carnage vs Alita : Battle Angel better not be some pg 13 garbage.


That looks so bad


I have a question.. Does the Alita : Battle Angel have that weakness he had in Spiderman 3 in this movie too?


Oh Tom hardy why did you with that voice..this will definitely be a disappointment, thanks Sony


No 1 on trending for me


Alita : Battle Angel is from new York


Yes! A Alita : Battle Angel trailer


Finally no Good guy Super Hero Movie its finally time to get out the real potential of a Anti-Hero and Hopefully full on villains MOVIES.






Only thing that sucks about this, is that spiderman is not related. If he is not related, does that mean the suit wont carry the iconic spider?


About fucking time!


This movie is gonna be so dope and it's on the month of my birthday! Wooooooh!


Look looks um ok.




Pretty sure this music is an almost EXACT replica of the Infinity War trailer music


Can someone explain me why this isnt a part of the MCU?


The melody from 0:22 to 0:27 sounded like the one used in the avengers infinity war trailer 2. Listen to both and see what I'm talking about.


Finally the trailer this movie deserves


Is nice very nice biths

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    Alita : Battle Angel

    Alita : Battle Angel

    Alita : Battle Angel

    Alita : Battle Angel

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