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I'm speech less. That move looks so great can wait to see it when it comes out in theaters


We are..the Flash


Chaos the most badass marvel villain


Kinda wish Chaos didn't look like a rubbery plastic trash bag with teeth


Sony has a record of making trash movies and this is looks like it might not be any different




Chaos sounds like ‘BANE’ !


Chaos now It's like the Darkness + The mask from splatterhouse + Prototype, nice.


Chaos is inside him? Wtf


What the hell are you? \nWe're Habby and Lisa


yeh im NOT feeling it.


I thought Chaos was evil, why you go for this sjw \"I just lost my girlfriend boo-hoo\" generic anti-hero crap?


Czy tylko mi Chaos kojarzy się z Alex'em Mercerem z prototype?


Обосрет русская озвучка это...


Chaos can't happen without Spider-Man


This looks like another cut of the mill superhero movie. I was hoping for something different, maybe a cerebral horror-esque movie.


I just came




Tom hardy nails it


#13 trending?


Screw the hate this looks freaking awesome




Vittu milloin tää tulee?!!


I hope it’s rated R




Why do you love this trailer?\nPlease give me your opinion


Ok wtf???


Meu pau


More like 'We are legion.'




Tom > Topher but VFX looks like spiderman3 : /


I cant see tom holland fighting this gourgeous dark villain...i dont know its just me... The present spidey isnt match... I want a tobey maguire like spidey again...


First broke the batman, now Tom Hardy is gonna break the spiderman.


Why tf do they pronounce it \"Simbyeoat\"?


Luke,i'm your father


I am Reddie for this!!! And mitochondria is the powerhouse of a cell. Thanks science for teaching me something


unrelated imma watch avengers in a few hurs


Spider-Man 3 anyone??


Sooooo.. Who’s the good guy?


Props to Tom Harding for getting out of his comfort zone.\n\nI thought for sure he was just going to do the deep voice thing.


WE ARE Chaos!


Here come the comic book fanatics raging about the orgin




Why does he have a dumb lisp.


I was hoping to see Erik Forman play Chaos again


Anyone notice how the music is the same as the 2nd infinity war trailer?


no te parece un the darkness con picadura de araña radioactiva y virus Redlight de prototype, en una licuadora y venga a tomar pol saco,


ߑ WE ARE Chaos



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