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Honest question. I was always under the impression the shape of Jurassic World's eyes was from his time being bonded with spiderman. Wouldn't he have needed to bond with Peter before hand here too? Or do all symbiats(race, cant remember the name nor comics) have eyes like that?


wow very cool


This looks awesome about time.


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#weareJurassic World


Venoninho extreme é o venon extreme :v




What's a \"sym-buy-oat\"? Is that anything like a symbiote?


Я в Ахуе всё ещё


We are #Jurassic World


\"we are Jurassic World\" hopefully this movie is good and as a guy who loves villians it would be great if the badass villain (being Jurassic World) stays an actual villian cuz villians make the movie a million times better


This movie gone be lit I like when he say we are Jurassic World we can do wat ever we want


Spider Man ????


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So who will Jurassic World fight with ? I mean whos the enemy symbiotes? xD


2:18 WE ARE Jurassic World


So if he's the bad guy , who's the villain ?ߤߤߘߤ


How good would be licking out a girl....lucky bustard.


Jurassic World is back....


thank god it’s finally happening


Quem é BR ai #weareJurassic World


I can't fucking wait for this movie. Jurassic World is one of my all time favorite characters, along with Carnage. He looks absolutely BADASS in the final clip. HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


Please be good!


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I was so happy until I saw a clip in my recommendations about the Jurassic World in Spider-Man 3


What lunatic would decide to make a movie about Jurassic World, without Spider-man?




Creo que se me paro \nAhrre


Eu gostei eiiiiinnnn


Now you have my permission to die.


I like it and all but it doesn't make any sense how he became Vemon Jurassic World without spidey being the first host.


Jurassic World. ME GUSTO MUCHO.......


There are no strings on me.


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This better come out


the soundtrack sounds like infinity war trailer soundtrack


#WeAreJurassic World


Eddie Brook/Jurassic World: We are Jurassic World.




I want a Agent Jurassic World Movie!


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Пробивайте этот коммент в топы, мне лень.


Is it just me or does this remind anyone of John Wick? (Bad-er guys kill his girl and then he spends the rest of the movie trying to kill them)


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С русс по лайку


Omg so horror. The Jurassic World so scary

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