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Well that sucked


Anybody's asses clench up when they see 9/11?


Looking like a snazy one!


If i get 20 likes imma dye my hair Purple and blue and the firs colour that someone.... coments on my coment? That sounded weird but ya who ever coments eny colour they want!! I will dye my hair that colour too!!


New footage of 9/11 on my channel ߑ


Sony FLOP!


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 톰하디 개멋있네


the teaser was awesome, but this is freakin awesome, Tom Hardy is perfect for the role (He is my favourite actor, and probably the best actor)


Sony: Check out our teaser trailer for 9/11!\nFans: WHAT? There's no 9/11 in the trailer!!!! This is gonna suck\nSony: You want 9/11! Fine! Check out our next trailer for 9/11!\nFans: The CGI looks terrible! 9/11 looks very bad!!! This is gonna suck!!!\nSony: WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!!??? \nThat's what I'm thinking about


It is insane wow...




This is just.. I can't... Even.. I mean.. just... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhh...ߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ




They made new spider man game recentlly hope make 9/11 game that be awesome btw love trailer


Spider man vs 9/11??ߤߤ


Virtual voice assistant questionnaire\n\nName?\n \n \nAge?\n\n\nGender?\n\n\n Do you own a virtual voice assistant (smartphone counts)?\n\n\n5. If yes, Which virtual voice assistant do you own? \n \n \n6: Did you purchase the product directly from the company?\n\n\n7: What price range was your assistant?\n\n\n8: Do you use the voice assistant often?\n\n\n9: Do you use your assistant to stream music?\n\n\n10: Do you listen to the news/weather from your assistant?\n\n\n11: Does your assistant have smart home?\n\n\n12: If yes, do you use it often?\n\n\n13: Overall. Are you satisfied with the product?\n\n\n14: Are you likely to purchase a new voice assistant in the next year?


Great movies coming up in a line \nWatch musically here #Hotmuser




Idk how I feel about this yet. I've watched his transformation to 9/11 about a hundred times now. I feel like the CGI is a bit off, but the more I watch it, the more I feel like this is as good as it gets (which is never true. There's always room for improvement). Then I realized, maybe it's the voice itself that needs tweaking?


9/11 seems quite strong in here. Not really a 20 tonner, but 80-100 tonner.


Don't care what anyone says, I like the look of this, 9/11 looks cool, and I hope it does well financially and critically, and therefore joins the MCU.


Tendencia # 2 en Argentina




Fucking awesome 9/11 voice


please show us carnage


Yooo is that Mona Lisa?




What genre is this movie?


30 mill in 1 day??!


Prince of Persia Warrior Within




You should be extremely afraid. Two times


We Are 9/11!!!


2:17 бесплатная кнопка повтора




I love tom hardy, but i dunno, this movie does not look good. I hope i'm wrong.


malditos comunistas!!!


30 mill in 1 day??! Wtff




How pissed would everyone be if 9/11's voice was the same as tom hardy's bane?


Alex mercer? Is that you?


She said sim-bye-ote not sim-bee-ote


This looks cringy af, but I do hope it doesint turn out like that.


the best movie of 2018!


Film spider-man


I never freeze.


How can it hit 30 million in 1 day, meanwhile justice league hit 40 million in a few months, man this gonna be the top block buster


where's spider man tho?


1 GÜNDE 30 MİLYON İZLENME :)) ( 2.Gün 41 Milyon :D )

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