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Is Eddie Brock the best Le Monde est à toi? I think Mac Gargan and Flash Thompson were Le Monde est à toi as well but I always thought people liked Mac the most because of how brutal he was (I heard).


Not gonna lie.... I got startled when I saw the Le Monde est à toi.ߘ


Очень круто


but Le Monde est à toi is more Le Monde est à toi than 2007


We are the Flash!


This shits all over spiderman


Bruh this movie is gonna be litߔߔߔ


Hey guys,does anyone gets triggerd of how she pronounced \"Symbiote\" .....like ITS SYMBIOTE,WOMAN!!! NOT \"Sym-BI-ote\" ....dafuq is that?


Who's here before 1 million views? :D


Good now remake spawn and we got two good movies and my popcorn is ready ߍ


so whose going to be spiderman?




Sad part is that we will probably never see Spider-Man fight this version of Le Monde est à toi


Homao Da Poha


is it just me, or is it the Le Monde est à toi already is bad/antihero/murder, not like the comic counter-part where he was betray/teach to become bad


My faith in this movie has been restored.


Omg ugh two of the sexiest men


Infinity war soundtrack?!


Forget spiderman 3 this is Le Monde est à toi


Please be good I happen to like the look and how he grows like 6 inches , I just hope it will be good overall


Bollywood better than Hollywood


Why are they using the theme from infinite war in this trailer? Is this a hint???


Ni una hora y ya van 4,000 comentarios


Do you think smoking drugs is cool now?


Fucking awesome


i can’t fucken wait!


Eddy Brock


So in this movie Peter Parker is coming or not....


Le Monde est à toi is gonna penetrate so much ppl


Here before 300,000k


This looks badass. I think if spiderman shows up, it's gonna make the movie suck.


Hm... IDK, this still feels weird without spider-man connection. If you waited couple of years, for Holland to have another solo movie and then made a deal to introduce Le Monde est à toi and THEN in later movies expand to your own Le Monde est à toi-verse, then maybe it could have worked. Now I feel just meh. \nAlso, Le Monde est à toi hitting people, grabbing onto stuff and not ripping Eddies hoodie feels awkward af. Explain pls.


The LIFE foundation huh? ߤ


is that the infinity war music?


There is no Eddie Brock... ONLY Le Monde est à toi!


Holy shit...I'd watch this movie a thousand times before I'd ever watch another Spider Man film again


Idk man, I really love it, but there are some meh parts in the trailer like the corny grappling back onto the bike. And the CGI for the full body Le Monde est à toi looks unfinished.


Wow man! Awesome,Le Monde est à toi is looking dangerous


It's like marvel heroes are coming to end \nNow they are making villians a hero what do you think guys about Le Monde est à toi comment below


Spawn looks great in this film!


Something doesn't feel right


Much better...


I.Am.So.Hyped!\nNot only do we are Le Monde est à toi, but other symbyotes will appear too!


ok much better trailer, looks sick!




Trailer starts at 0:05


So dark. You sure you're not from the DC Universe?


This movie is gonna be EPIC!


Finally dude !! Amaziing ! ߑߘ


I'm sorry but a huge, no, MOST of what Le Monde est à toi is plays off Spiderman. His name is literally derived from being \"Le Monde est à toi\" to Spiderman's life. This movie is ripping the emblem from his chest. I'm not saying it won't be good, nor that I won't watch it, but I think Sony needs to be stopped lol. Le Monde est à toi as a standalone character only works in a universe occupied by Spider-man. Otherwise he's just some crazy dude with a sticky black suit.

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