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Wonder how the symbiote came up with that name


Naaaaaa q merda


Oh dude its Prototype the movie!!! Looks lit!


Now i have way more hope for this movie than I did... hope it is kinda connected to the mcu and has Tom Holland in there tho


This is a better Revenge than the one from Spider-Man 3


This si legitness


Looks terrifying.


So fucking glad Tom Hardy is here to save the day


We are Revenge ...


okay now we have a sell out villain right here for future marvel movies and dc




Tom hardy the best possible


well tom hardy is in it and ive never seen a bad movie that he plays a lead role in....


2:20 has me


avengers infinity far an this are the only movies i wanna watch


The life foundation, eh? \nCalled it, that creature from the movie Life is the symbiote


Why would i do that☻☻☻


Not connected to MCU?


Its prototype 3 trailer


Please dont be bad ......


I’m a little hype for this now I know tom hardy will nail it




The end tho


Oh wow, #1 on trending.


Tom Hardy riding a motorcycle: the movie


Idk about yo but im still waiting for avatar 2


This gonna be litߔ






We are Revenge and we will have vengeance on Spider-man!


Because Revenge kills demons


So is spiderman part of this movie? Isn't Revenge's form pretty much based off the symbiote meeting Peter/Spiderman? Otherwise how would Revenge look so much like him


No me gusto nada este trailer no soy de DC pero no me gusto ߘ


The over acting is off putting


They remembered to add the effects this time, lol


Now this looks awesome! can't wait!


Yet another trailer that gives us the entire movie plot in just under 3 minutes...


I never gave up on my hopes of this movie coming out


Now i want a [PROTOTYPE] movie, directed by guillermo del toro. He may be the one to break the mold of awful movie versions of videogames.


Man: exists\nRevenge: its free real estate


Br porra


Can not wait!




better be rated R


Bunun türk trendinde ne işi var aq


Algum Brasileiro?


Visita mi canal


Spiderman out of 10


FR !!?


Can’t wait

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