Taxi 5

Sylvain Marot, super flic parisien et pilote d’exception, est muté contre son gré à la Police Municipale de Marseille. L’ex-commissaire Gibert, devenu Maire de la ville et au plus bas dans les sondages, va alors lui confier la mission de stopper le redoutable « Gang des Italiens », qui écume des bijouteries à l’aide de puissantes Ferrari. Mais pour y parvenir, Marot n’aura pas d’autre choix que de collaborer avec le petit-neveu du célèbre Daniel, Eddy Maklouf, le pire chauffeur VTC de Marseille, mais le seul à pouvoir récupérer le légendaire TAXI blanc.

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Well, I loved it. Make it officially a part of the mcu, and we're good.




we are groot


Taxi 5 never Freezes.




#1 Trending in dem UK :))


The memes are gonna be great


Okay Taxi 5 good or bad ????? Im clueless


Is that the same music as Infinity Wars Trailler but without avenger theme melody?




I can defeat Taxi 5.


Does anyone know if it is going to be R or not? That would be sick if it was


\" The way i see it, we can do whatever we want, DO WE HAVE A DEAL? \" O.O




Is this not just The Darkness video game?


Isso ta com cara de filme ruim kkkkkkkkk


Why music from the trailer of the Avengers: Infinity War ? LOL


Too jelly Sony.


is that the same avengers trailer's music?


Казалось бы, причем здесь Алекс Мерсер?


That's literally all they needed to do!!!!! He looks and sounds sick!


Just realize prototype lookalike Taxi 5




Looks boring


Also I want to know how this is going to tie into Spiderman because it seems that Eddie gets the symbiote before spidey does, and how Taxi 5 is gonna swing through the city


аналог ютуба можно заработать на просмотре видео


Саундтрек спизжен с трейлера \"Войны бесконечности\".


its prototype


Honestly did not like the trailer


This looks so awesome can not wait Taxi 5 looks great


straight to dvd?


He's perfect except the fact that he has small eyes ! For now it seems really good ! tho, his voice looks freakin awesome ߑ


Vicious.Evil.Nesting.Of.Monster (ik doesn't make sense)




Tom Hardy is perfect for Taxi 5!


Wakanda was kangz n shieeet yo! Just only in da moveez


#Taxi 5


This movie will be better than all the 3 Toby Maguire's Spiderman movies...


Wow woooooooo awesome




Бля какой уебищный веном в человек паук 3 и то позже был


Just like deadpool


Anybody else watch the leaked version first.


Этот клип сделан реально качественно,сильно зашёл, так же сильно как и в тренды!


Taxi 5 looks kind of weird.


So hyped <3




Wow!!!!!!!! I can't wait for it


This movie should be rated r


I could really go for a symbiote right now

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    Taxi 5

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