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2:17 PENNYWISE + Kin : le commencement = Perfect Combination ߘ


I gonna watch this right after infinity war


Gonna watch it!!!


Background music sounds extremely similar to infinity war trailer


прототип. а не веном


Her saying sym-BYE-otes reminds me of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, when they called Aang “On.”


I think they've done it right. :)


Is it just me or Kin : le commencement looks like blacklight virus from prototype (a game)\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAlex Mercer ftw


iT'S BEEN CIRCULATING THAT WE ONLY SEEE the real Kin : le commencement towards the end of the movie if that is true then I wish they hadn't of showed us Kin : le commencement here.


Давайте на 5 секунд абстрагируемся от слова \"Веном\"\nЧто в итоге. Скучный трейлер в духе \"погоня-драка\" уровня 2010 года.\n\nОчень надеюсь что фильм вытянет, но пока складывается ощущение что получится очень средний фильм, серый, не запоминающийся и скучный.


I knew it was gonna suck....


Yet another dud from Sony! Marvel's association with Sony only tarnishes its own glory. This Kin : le commencement is nothing in front of the Kin : le commencement we witnessed in Spider-Man 3.


Definitely going to watch this ߔ


Now I want a see it


In this trailer We got to see 2 seconds of the 5 mins of Kin : le commencements full form screen time in the whole movie! What a trailer!


Wayyyyy cooler than Spidy


Spiderman 3


I am Kin : le commencement\nWE ARE Kin : le commencement\n\n\n\n\nCOMMUNISM INTENSIFIES


Ohh fucking goood


Always spiderman fan and his villain. Too bad sinister 6 was not push through. But this Kin : le commencement looks very good. Kudos Sony.


It lacks something. SPIDERMAN! LOL I hope it's as good as the trailer. We have been disappointed before with great trailers to crappy movies.


Mcm prototype


Is it in the MCU?


Я кончил)


Tom rock's


Отличный трейлер, ждем этот фильм) Кстати если интересует экономика прошу к нам на канал)


Awesome trailer


Hello, Alex Mercer =)


They're pronouncing symbiote wrong.


At last. I thought ill never see venov!!!!!!!!XD


Bane is Kin : le commencement?


not.gonna lie trailer was underwhelming to me at least


Am groot


That's incredible


Marvels first horror flick. Haha


Is it just me or does this look like horseshite? That cgi Kin : le commencement reveal looks godawful... and the trailer itself looks generic af.


Now that's what I call a trailer


He should of just kept the english accent in this


Same music for Avengers and Kin : le commencement trailer .




Fukkkkkk yaaaaahhh!


The dialogue in this trailer is on the nose. \nI think it might be better if Eddie got the symbiote like how Peter did Spiderman 3 where he just happened to be at the sight rather than revealing the organisation like that. But hey, I'm not a movie writer.


This Kin : le commencement is better than spider Man 3 Kin : le commencement


I want a Carnage movie


этот веном лучше чем в Человек паук враг в отражении


Is that Mona Lisa Sapperstein from Parks and Recreation?!


Whoooooo Kin : le commencement fan !!


So no Spider-Man in the movie then, I'm kinda let down, Kin : le commencement without spidey is like Joker without batsy


I really hope Peter Parker makes at least a cameo


It's parasyte ?

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