Deadpool 2

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We are Deadpool 2


So sick!! Dark and no giggles true Villain that Marvel can’t completely touch.


Be sweet if spiderman was in this for a small piece.


I really love the part where he transforms


Bueno respondo de hace un día pero espero que Deadpool 2 se vuelva bueno y se una a Spiderman \nDale like si quieres que pase eso


If only the voices inside my head could do this..


I feel like they should have went with flash Thompson due to them going all anti hero


Where is Spider Man at?


2:18 They identify as a we.


(Sim-bi-ote)? Or (sim-bee-ote)?


Deadpool 2 look like slime XD


We can do whatever we want\n\n\nI am groot


Yeah but is carnage going to be here


Thanks Sony. I no longer have to pay to see this movie. I just saw its entirety in less then 3 minutes.


Turns out to be emoji movie 2: live action


Imagine yourself in the grips of Deadpool 2... I would have a fucking heart attack


Honestly i rather watch this than infity warfare


Can’t wait for Agent Deadpool 2 next


Algum Br?


Imma be pissed if he has spider powers but there's no Spider-Man in the universe


My thoughts on this movie went from 0 -100 real quick


What’s up with all the dislikes?


i saw this and went ah ell yeaaaaaaaaaaa \n\n\n\n\nwait where's carnage


We..........are Deadpool 2


We\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWanted this to be an MCU film without a ruined origin.


October? Seriously?


much \nbetter than spiderman


looks very dum


As long as it’s better than Spider-Man 3 Deadpool 2


Dis should be on Avengers ߘ


Just add Carnage and you're all set.


Soon he joins avengers


My favorite villain and its comes out on my bday omfg ߘ❤️




Pause 2:21




imagine toxin and carnage in this movie or anti-Deadpool 2


Türkler burdamı


So pumped for this!


His is Eddie Brock so it’s evil Deadpool 2 but he looks somewhat innocent I hope this leads to Spider-Man homecoming 2


We are Deadpool 2!!!...omg they said it! loved it!


The motorcycle scene reminds me of Ghost Rider when he was transforming.


There's gonna be so many people thinking this is in the MCU


Pásate por mi canal subo videos interesantes gameplays, música ... ߘ


Feels like i already watched the entire movie.


They should star Deadpool 2 in it for more than 1 second


The indians didnt kill him properly


So... sub=sub?


omg Deadpool 2 vs \nIndoraptor


This was the trailer I was expecting! You barely saw anything in the last couple ones released.

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    Deadpool 2

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    Deadpool 2

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