Creed II

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This is not Marvel Studios, you know exactly what it's gonna be.


The special effects already look dated and cheesy. Looks like the spawn movie. I was kinda excited and hopeful for this film based off the first trailer, but this one takes some of that excitement and hope away....


Какой отличный русский канал и трейлер.


Where's Alex Mercer?


Spiderman Blackߘ


Заебись, всем водки за счет Ельцина!






Oh my god


Spiderman should be scared


Very cool I'm in!!


If this is not in MCU, then this is still crap.


Ничего так, мрачненько, лойс.


Creed II without spiderman, how?


А где челевек павек? :DDD


Creed II vs Pennywise


Will this be a part of the MCU?


I'm extremely afraid....and hyped :D


No lo sé y Spiderman???


spidey is fucked




Is spider-man is on this movie?


That is soo dark..this movie is definitely one hell of a dark movie..


This would be good as a tv show the way they showed this movie


Anyone feel like Creed II sounds like Jamie fox in amazing spider man 2?


Now we wait for carnage


No seen Carnage yet?


Is it strange that I'm MORE PSYCHED for Creed II than Avengers:IW ?!?!


I fully expect Sony to completely F this up like they always do. In association with Marvel as in not actually produced by Marvel. Sony desperately needs that Marvel name drop for the look of credibility.


Don't forget that this is the same studio that bombed two Spiderman franchises.


holy Batman


So its in the Avengers universe...? Will spiderman and Creed II will meet?


Mr. Tom Hardy Is Perfect For the \" Creed II \".


This looks absolutely horrible, just like everything else Hollywood liberals come out with now a days.




We are Creed II #weareCreed IIߖߖ


This might be a decent film but the trailer makes it look like crap. Selling me crap trailers makes me ignoring this movie.


Sym - BEE - otes


I'm curious on how they'll work around the no spiderman issue


We are GROOT




I love it already


This could be neat


Sim-BYE-otes?? Welp, that's a starter...


Algum BR nessa bagaça ???




Hell yaaaaaaaaa




Spider man with Tobe is over...Then they released Amazing spider man...Recently they released Spider-Man linked to avengers...And now this...?Will be a great movie but that’s just it...Pisses me off seeing too many different versions...


Fukin beautiful...

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