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Trailer music is from avengers infinity war just noticed that


#6 в Русских Трендах. Неплохо.


Waw super movie




Please be good.


Tom Hardy! ߘߘߘߘ


Alpha-positiv person?


Alpha without spiderman...thats a bold strategy...


Mind blowing trailer ߑߑߑ


Is Carnage gonna be in this movie?


The way I see it.. We can do whatever We want.. Do we have a deal... Crazy


Welp, that about sums up the movie, no need to see it now.


great Sony you did it again T_T


Yeeeah btch Alpha is here


Prototype Prototype.


Ебать собак


Do you think he'll have a weird emo thing or what


my head just blownnnnnnnnnnn... this is epic


just.....thank you for making this


But the black things is dead ...


Cant wait for him and spiderman to fight!






this is so much better than the first trailer


Hit like if u think this is Infinity War trailer with Alpha Clips.. Same Music and Same Style..LOL




They changed the fucking original story. I cant believe it. The original spider man/Alpha story is so much better. Thats why i hate this super hero movies. Theys change something thats basic, thats fundamental to the core of the story and hero origin. The changes are always for the worse.


I hope this film follows the lethal protector storyline


HOoooooLEY SHIET. Me wants some o dat! - watch the movie, - rewatch the movie, - be part of that movie, - buy figurines, - be a fan even though I wasn`t before hand. Yikes... Marvelously well presented.




Omg omg omg


OMFG my hype for this movie went up ten fold. Sony please don't disappoint meߘ


Avengers: thanos is finished, whats next\nSamuel: Alpha\nSamuel: please control, u guys r wetting my floor


Weee are Alpha\n\n\nI AM GROOT!


Fucccckkkinggg dope


Don't know how to feel about this...


Базар тебе нужен! !!!


Where is our Spiderman...ߤߤߤ


Did anyone notice that the soundtrack is a bit similar to the Infinity War Trailer 2 soundtrack?? like the beginning where it shows Rhodey,Bruce banner & widow looking up??


its a bit similar like prototype


This doesn't look all the great to me from a writing perspective, but I'm a sucker for antiheroes sooooo... I'll see it anyway xD


Bane had new form.


Replayed the transformation into Alpha so many times XD


His jaw looks too small, kinda pathetic


Gonna be #1 on trending soon




it`s like a game PROTOTYPE !


.... .1:40, \"why would we do that?\"


This gonna be better then Spider-Man


Alpha!!!!!! bien bien.

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