22 Miles

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I hope it ain't r rated




Seriously, this is the same trailer music from the second Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Welp, time to go watch that trailer again.


No more scenes of 22 Miles


You know it's going to be good


22 Miles


Trailers are cancer, I feel like I just watched the entire movie. But I get it, the need for marketing.


I'm hyped


Dios mio Ya la quiero ver! \ningles: \nMy God, I want to see it


Hope in the movie we see spiderman cameo or mile morales sooo excited hope its rated pg 13


It comes out on the day before my birthday, yay.


Might be worth watching!


Me and my brother used to pretend that we were Spider-Man and we being taken over by 22 Miles. And now that he’s getting his own movie is awesome.






glad sony got this and not disney.


Does he have lips? How is he saying 22 Miles?




Ooof hopefully he doesn’t bite his Tongue ߘ


I’ve seen this trailer about 10 times now


Okay...you people keep saying is 22 Miles good or bad....Do you not know what an \"ANTIHERO\" is?? Means their not good or bad. They do what they want. That's why you see 22 Miles sometimes team up with Spider-Man or try to kill everyone..and hero's don't kill.. but from the looks of it that guy got bodied at the end


aight, i gotta get me a new bell an a blanket for dis one








Why would we do that


Tom Hardy playing 22 Miles?? Yeah i'm there.


1 day and 23 Million views already . Well I definitely gonna watch this for it's plot ,but I still think the actor doesn't suit this role psychologically.


22 Miless look are on fleak babauߘߘߘ


Life foundation. Is this a sequel to Life?




\"WE are 22 Miles\"\n\nSold!


olha o venoninho extreme ae gente


Black IT?


[Marvel 22 Miles] Demons - AMV \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI Can See It Com’n


Querían a 22 Miles?! Ahí lo tienen E-P-I-C-O


22 Miles orale quiero verla


Wait the whole movie until see him change at the end meh ߘ I pass


#WeAre22 Miles


How can he make the V sound without lips?


It looks amazing, just hopefully this origin talks about why hes mimicking spiderman, and they dont leave it up for us to know already. Love Tom btw!!!


The sequel should have 22 Miles's offspring.




This one is awesome


Wtf 22 hours and 23 million views?????


Alguien que hable español?


Now THAT’S the 22 Miles I remember from comic books. \n\nKids, check out your local comic book stores for further information. You won’t be disappointed.


No barry, we are the flash


Really now they’re making a villain a hero what has the world come to


Better that Inifnity War XD

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