The Predator

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The Predator copy like spiderman 3 2:21


Anybody else thinks the musik sound way to \"Infinity War Trailer like\" ??? Exept that think it looks pretty good... I really don't get why the internet is hating on this movie so hard?!? I know there has been back and forv in terms of: will it be in the MCU or not... but at the moment the intel confirmed that and if we can trust Trailermusic to mean something... it is!! So why the Shitstorm? Just because at the Dawn of Superheromovies he had one bad addaptaion?? I think his design looks slick now especially the way he fights.. real The Predator there


So how does the The Predator symbiote resemble Spiderman?


This Is Awesome . BRAZIL


Riz Ahmed really made it


The Predator vs Deadpool


2:22 he looks like Gene Simmons with that tongue.




whats wrong with the sound ?


Looks like spidrrman :)))))))


Voice of The Predator sounds familiar?


looks awful omg


I like this power of The Predatorߘ


i seriously cant wait to see this movie


Spider man would be so proud...


Carnage ?




The hype is real boiiiiiiis


Looks good, sounds terrible. At least from the trailer, the dialogue sucks.




well this is an automatic YES!


where is spiderman can he fight




huh. okey


Haha Ta ficando apertado!!,o Capitão américa MORREU!!


I was kinda hoping that a hero would be in this one (well im not sure if there is.)


Ta ficando apertado papapapa


THAT'S a trailer done right I'm sold


такое говно


том харди крут


#weareThe Predator


i love riz ahmed tho


We Are The Predator.


На игру protatype




First trailer : no The Predator \n\nSecond trailer: all the The Predator


And WHY is this not a part of MCU? it looks really good.


Yesss Tom Hardy


Now give me a glimpse of carnage lmao


Prototipe Venon




Cara, que trailer massa!


well that's gonna keep me up at night..... CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!


This should be put in suspense and/or crime mystery.


Is The Predator a good guy in this movie????and where is our neighborhood friend spidey????


Ooooooh ߘ


This looks not good.




it looks awesome


it's funny how they don't show us the spider in his chest, I imagine this is an alternate universe where the symbiote never knew spiderman. It's looks amazing.

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