Ready Player One

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Enjoy 1 of the 2 times you'll see that expensive full CGI Ready Player One in the movie.


Көру керек. Қашан болады?


yeah...\n\n that looks really fucking good.


Ready Player One=Bane


We Are Ready Player One? Or We Are APYR!!!!!!


What in the hell is a symbioate? ߘߘߘ\n\nPronunciation fail 10/10.


for those who do not know, symbiotes are good guys, they are just far away from their planet and because of this of this they are freaking out


who is also thinking it gonna have spiderman before watching this trailer


This is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it!


The Ready Player One design is way better than Spider-Man 3 design


Marvel universe is so much better than dc. When it comes to movies, dc comics is just getting bodied over and over again. Stan Lee is a genius.


I want to see that




Soo One Symbiont to go please ߑߏ


Watch your back Spidey, those spider senses won't save you now....


Is this a villian from THE AVENGERS??? Or JUSTICE LEAGUE???


Now lets make a movie about how Bane & Green lantern suffered from multiple personality disorder in 1st place


Love the face.


So is this a universe where soiderman does not exist?


Garbage for grown kids


1 million likes coming soon\nBrilliant trailer\nWe are Ready Player One!!!!!!!




Tom Hardy .. you bewdy ..


Awesome trailer!!!


Tom Hardy just nailed it!!!


*at park, lid closes 0:11\n*at lab, lids are open 0:17\nAnyone think this is weird?


30m in 24hrs? ߘߘ


Türkiye'de Trend #1. Filmi Sabırsızlıkla Bekliyorum.




I hope I see agent Ready Player One here


aq son saniyeye kadar bildiğin prototyple son saniyeler Ready Player One olmuş bi düzeltin baştan o kadar alıştırma sahnesine ne gerek var aq oyundan beter olmuş


This is based on symbiote family arc...with carnage as well obvs


2:08 Me when we finally see Ready Player One


It's pronounced Sim- bee-oat. Other than that, I'm feeling this.


1 GÜNDE 30 MİLYON İZLENME Trending Turkey #1




where is spiderman ?


MR ROBOT season 4 looks crazy




Thats sick


Pls next Daredevil


Amy Pascal and Co need to be fired. They could have easily moulded this into the MCU to be part of Spider-Man Universe.


#1 Brazil


Caramba até o Ready Player One ganhou o seu próprio filme


Ready Player One Extreme


Trendding Turkey #1


PLS Let him fight with carnage


Nós Somos Ready Player One\"


sony pictures entertaiment should also make spiderman movie. they made a better spiderman's movie thsa marvel


1 trending.... \n#indonesia

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