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Spider-Man 3 Equalizer 2 looks the best smh


It surprises me to see that the union was just a simple accident. Im glad they finally say the title on the same movie. (Noone said the term \"Equalizer 2\" on spiderman 3)


This movie is gonna be INSANE!


Spider man


Not canon to the MCU, and run by Sony? The trailer can make it look as good as you want it to look, but I don’t trust them to follow through.


“This fall... Jackshit happens”




Homi arãia pretu


Sony's last hope of a marvel movie


Has some things going for it but i doubt it will be any good


https://youtu.be/jI9p27niLIY 恐嚇


This movie has the big gay


Lets gooooo !!!




His 'American' accent: 0:54


Gee Thanks for the Nightmares freaky Mcteeth thing!


Team french ??


That classic Equalizer 2 voice! Hype is reeeel


No need to see the movie now. Trailer pretty much gives most of it up. Stupid trailers these days.




Equalizer 2 looks fantastic #HYPE




who all was waiting to see spidernan in the trailer?


Black Spiderman ???


This is gonna be cool.


Is this not a Spiderman movie?


So far disappointed. They still have my money but hopefully they clean up some of these graphics in post and there is a good narrative to the story. Also, I WANT TO SEE, CARNAGE!


Ok, I’ll bite.




Yooo lets go, I’m glad Tom hardy will be a pretty nice Eddie Brock


**WE ARE Equalizer 2**


SONY STOP DESTROYING MARVEL. Marvel has a strong MCU franchise now along comes sony with Equalizer 2 to destory it. \nHow can they do Equalizer 2 when Spiderman did not become black suit spiderman? This is a stupid move DC would do not Marvel. Like doing suicide squad before a batman movie.


That was awesome!


Why do I get the feeling this film is gonna be ruined by teenage fangirls?


I'm batman


The Black Panther that people DO want to see


Уже 19 лямов просмотров




Looks like a more f#*ked up smeagol gollum heighbred


1:08 el vato trae su playera con el logo Illuminati △


Was that Kodak black?


OOooooooooo snapppp this looks so gooooodd


Couldn’t see me as Spider-Man, now I’m spittin’ Equalizer 2.


:0 WOAH ߑߑߑ


He looks sooo cool


Anyone else hear that rip off avengers infinity war music


Looks kinda campy


eh looks kinda dumb


2:20 ROFLMAO\n\nWasn't sure if it's suposed to be that funny, checked on brother, he laughed too.


I love you tom!

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