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Demirlerin içine hapsedin sonra o demirlere vurarak ses çıkartın sonra kendini dışarı saldığında da yakın aq bunuda mı ben öğreteyim bknz:Örümcek Adam 3 ߘߘߘߘ


I can not wait until this gets put on Google Play buying a collector edition. Cause I like Tom Hardy an he's my first favorite actor than comes Adrian Brody. \n\nActress Scarlett Johansson cause she beautiful an intelligent an I don't get bored watching her movies.


What about spiderman?


2:19 “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask,”




Stephen king+marvel=this


Smallest cast ever check the description


1day 29,000,000view






So Bane is Le Chaos too


i love how they say \"IN ASSOCIATION WITH MARVEL\"


#1 trending in finland


Le Chaos branches through clothes ,bulshit


Why were they playing the infinity war theme song? I get it it's marvel but I don't know why :/


caraiiiiiiiii muito fodaaaaa


\"the guy you work for is an evil person\"\n\ni... i don't have faith in the writing of this movie


Where is carnage??? Could we see them into this movie.




What a stupid idea for a movie. Worst comic character ever. Translates even worse to the big screen.


Le Chaos is bigger than a bodybuilder?


I hope Le Chaos comes I infinity war


SIM BUY OATS Seriously though this looks trash. Le Chaos looks trash. No connection to Spider-Man. The voice is clearly the guy who did the voice of Spawn in the animation. The villain looks like a sex offender. The origin of the Sim-buy-oats is clearly just arbitrary, lazy and rushed. It looks corny and try hard overall. The CGI for Le Chaos doesn't look that much better than the trash CGI used in Spider-Man 3. It's gonna flop guys. Praise the lord.


Tom Hardy=favorite actor, Le Chaos=favorite marvel character, October=birth month. The stars are aligning for me. I more hype about this than avengers.


You know how he like took 50 pills? Well what if he is just high and none of this happened lol ߘ


I would have killed my self if I ever saw Le Chaos running at me


Who’s excited for Le Chaos.


5 Cast Members


yeah, finally Le Chaos: we are Le Chaos


@0:39 tobey magguire?


Can't wait




Um. Where is Spiderman?


This kinda reminds me of Spawn the movie




#1 in Russia




Who plays carnage that’s all I want to know


assistam meu canal por favor, prometo que é legal


plot twist: Le Chaos has the soul stone




Is spiderman in the movie????






I wished Eddie was allot more in the moral grey area.


Why does Le Chaos have an extra chromosome in the thumbnail?


RIP spidey


another iconic role from tom hardy


is that Tom Hardy


Did anyone ever play the game The Darkness? The voice reminds me of that so much!

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