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Dam i cant wait to see this!


Spiderman 3 Armageddon have more scarry


Am i the only who is not thrilled about this movie? I don't know why, but i didn't like this trailer


Woww the Armageddon looks good!!ߘߘߘ


Who's going to stand up to him tho? I only want Spiderman too :(


My mans got swallowedߘ


Is that my boy Riz Ahmed? What's he doing as a villain?! THIS IS NOT HOW I WANT MY BOY TO BE IN MARVEL!


Looks more like a live action Prototype movie. Is that Eddie Brock or Alex Mercer?




This form of Armageddon would easily defeat spider-man


For those who complained about not seeing Armageddon are you satisfied now?


this is amazing


I love this Armageddon with gis big muscular body


This looks pretty good, but I hope they improve the actual suit slightly. It looks a bit too CGI, but it does look creepy at least. I wonder if this will be rated R.


I'm seriously hoping tom hollands spiderman is in this


That was awesome trailer.....


prototype vibe, flashback anyone?


And 2018 spider man is going to fight this badass. I kinda feel bad for spidey at the moment


did y'all release this trailer cause Armageddon got leaked lmaooo


Eddie Brock isn't a reporter


Ya vine XD


Its funny how much theyre saying \"we\". Its not a bad thing but its kinda like they tryna tell us \"yo we did it right this time\"


Idgaf what everyone says about “Armageddon” only having 5 minuets of screen time. This will still be a great movie.


I WANT I WANT GIMMIE GIMMIE\nArmageddon\nNYAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA\n\nsorry my nerd is showing\nOverall looks sweet. Just skeptical about how the story will play out


Everybody happy now?


My panties got in a bunch when Brock said \"We are Armageddon\"


What is SYM BIO TE\nIt's Symbiote


What are hell you ? I am Armageddon


It’s lit ߔߔߔ


Why is this not on trending


shame they butchered his origin story.


This is the most normal sounding Tom Hardy ever lol


This trailer reminds me of Xmen origins: Wolverine. A lot. The same beats. He's even on a motorcycle. Uh oh.....


The hype is REAL!!!!!




Ok so I wasn’t sure with amazing Spider-Man but it’s obvious Sony is really using the ultimate Spider-Man storylines for their characters. The ASM movies had Peters parents as secret shield agents just like ultimate universe and now this Armageddon is more of a government project than an accidental alien bonding just like the ultimate universe


Tom Hardy is fucking Armageddon!!! :O




I got goosebumps after seeing this


So the gods guy is the bad guy??


Try not to screw this up sony


Just stay away from metal poles, Armageddon.


I just shitted myself ...and maybe climax while watching it


OMG it's like a wet dreammmmm lollll & the infinity war soundtrackkk have my babies lol


new to vreepy pasta


Wow that was much better than the first trailer


Pls someone tell me this'll be R rated




nobody wants this



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