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Still Mortal Engines?....ߑ




What the hell are you...\nWe...ARE Mortal Engines.\n\n\n\n\nEdit: 2:17.


Tom Hardy vs. Tom Holland? Is it a coincidence that both the actors name both start with Tom and both last names start with an H??!????


I would like to congratulate to everyone who are behind the teaser and the trailer for Mortal Engines... Because at last someone in Hollywood has done perfect teaser and trailer and not showing the whole film or spoilers... You guys just showed enough to excite us to go and watch the movie... Most likely there could be atleast one more trailer as the movie not coming out till October... \"Which if you do I'll will avoid it\"...But still I would like to give my congratulations to all...




Hiç Türk yokmu ߇߇߇߇߇߇߇߇


Reminds me on Shin Kamen Rider


fak yu türkler bi kendini belli etsin amk


The real question is: Is Mortal Engines and carnage the good one or the bad one?\n\n\n\nAnd if they are the good one, who's the bad guys?


i hope the movie is better than this shitty trailer, pls dont waste tom hardy


#1 trends in poland :o


Like si hablas español


Mortal Engines at the end


When Villain was a Hero. \nGG, Marvel.


This is why i was afraid when i heard Disney bought marvel. These cheap cash grabs. Mortal Engines is a villian not a hero for the people or even an “anti-hero”. It looks as cheap as sandman in spiderman 3 doing all of his criminal activities for his crippled daughter.. of course. What next the Thanos movie where we learn he wants to destroy the universe to help sick family and really he is a good guy who just wants to love.


Woah finally a black protagonist


Mortal Engines ߘߘߘߘ




I need more anti-heros to be given their own screem time


There better be a dancing scene.


I don't have high hopes for this movie, but goddamn if they didn't do a good job with choosing Mortal Engines's voice and showing his transformation


2 day and get 3,5M views,, OHOMYGOD


Stop asking for spider man. This is a movie about Mortal Engines


If carnage is in this i might die


Who's watching this today ??


We are Mortal Engines


Aí vai aparecer: Baseado (de fumei um baseado e queria fazer alguma coisa) na lembrança/semelhança/preciso fazer mas esse é o único jeito/quero melar a vara/etc da estória de Venon da hq H. Aranha.


1:00 tropicana :D


This is what the first trailer should have been. Seriously, who the hell made that?


#1 on Trends in Germany


the question is\nwill Mortal Engines wear the Spider Symbol ? super bir filim izlemenizi tavsiye ederim


So is he fucking good or bad tell me


Mortal Engines is if im not wrong the Villain of Spider Man and now a Anti Hero?


I want Jim Carrey to be Carnage because he can do a evil laugh of Cletus Kasady


I just hope for carnage ߘߘߘ




1:43 his voice sounds like kratos


But this is cool


nunggu tayang di bioskop transtv aja,gratisssߤ


I loved it!


Is there spiderman hope not if not well.... GET DOOOMED




Well that sucked


Anybody's asses clench up when they see Mortal Engines?


Looking like a snazy one!


If i get 20 likes imma dye my hair Purple and blue and the firs colour that someone.... coments on my coment? That sounded weird but ya who ever coments eny colour they want!! I will dye my hair that colour too!!


New footage of Mortal Engines on my channel ߑ

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