Deadpool, est l'anti-héros le plus atypique de l'univers Marvel. A l'origine, il s'appelle Wade Wilson : un ancien militaire des Forces Spéciales devenu mercenaire. Après avoir subi une expérimentation hors norme qui va accélérer ses pouvoirs de guérison, il va devenir Deadpool. Armé de ses nouvelles capacités et d'un humour noir survolté, Deadpool va traquer l'homme qui a bien failli anéantir sa vie.

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Sooo....\n\n\n\n\n\nNo Spiderman ?!?!?!?!




Wow. A trailer goes #1 trending for 3 days usually a video doesn't go this high for 5 hours


This Deadpool trailer is straight badass!! ߐߔߔߔߒ


I feel Deadpool is stronger then spoooder dood


#1 en argentina


Kodak Black at 1.11???




Shi h bc aisa keeda sbko kaate


#2 tendencia en #Perú ߑ


Wow, this video has been on the number 1 on my trending list for 3 whole days now. Consider you guys blessed that a click bait video hasn't taken over yet


If no one else is going to say it, I will: this looks like a terrible movie. Sure, it might not be as bad as Spider Man 3 but that's not really saying much now is it?


Is this part of the MCU?


Just Imagine Tom holland fighting this Deadpool... Priceless


That motorcycle CGI tho... ߘ


Can't fuckin waittttt !!! So pumped


#1 Trending In Indonesia


Deadpool cant exist without spiderman being attached to the symbiote first


#2 trending in chile


Well, something about this doesn’t seem right, though Deadpool looks badass. I cringe with the way she says symbiote though.


I remember as a kid i used to collect marvel cards and everybody thought by the year 2000 it was gonna be worth millions now look at the irony


Riz Ahmad ߘ


no. 2 trending in the Philippines




dont forget symbiote dance hability


#2 trending in Chile


Movie trailer voice finally gets its own movie!


Wussup wit that carnage movie tho


I want to see more Deadpool and less of the reporter dude with sticky stuff.


Two symbiotes?


Ghost rider is still my favorite anti-hero


2:23 CoUnTrY bOy I lOvE yOuu EeiAghe


When i see this video i think i like Deadpool nowߘߘߘ


Where is spiderman?


Still trending in india


I’ll watch anything with Tom Hardy in it!




This has more views than the black panther trailer


Infinity war trailer 2 soundtrack? So similar


#1 Trending in indonesia


Agr to confiante meu bem!




This movie not under marvel right ?.. Which mean the amazing spiderman will vs Deadpoolߘ...


1:08 illuminati






It's a shame Tom Hardy has to stoop this low and waste his unquestionable talent and risk his career


ps1 game Deadpool quote when talking to spiderman:\n\"we know! we know!\"\n\nDeadpool meant it as \"i\" in actuality



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