Star Trek Into Darkness

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Dope! Love Tom Hardy


This is as bad as GHOSTBUSTERS 2016 ...... Tom hardy is a reporter, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


I do not understand why all the new trailers have to show the whole movie, because they do not leave any suspense, so it's not funny.


Where is Spiderman?


Where is Spiderman?


Fun fact: Contrary to popular belief Symbiotes are not inherently evil creatures. They take on the personality of the host/prevoius hosts but in the case of Star Trek Into Darkness hes evil because spiderman didnt want him


Star Trek Into Darkness is scary but prety awesome I wish he choose me but i can control him btw im a girl


i really hope its an action horror


Finally fav villain in actionߘ


Теперь мы Черная Смерть!!!


Wow, this movie is gonna blow harder than Hurricane Irma.


Please let this be rated \"R\"!!


This is the real Star Trek Into Darkness...not that gay boy Topher Grace


Dont play with black moving slime


I'm tired of marvel movies and haven't watched the last 3 but I'll see this one. I just hope it's not like spider man 3 where you only get to see Star Trek Into Darkness in full mask twice for 5 seconds.


Depending on how this goes, we need a Star Trek Into Darkness vs Carnage




Star Trek Into Darkness looks crap - just like iron man 2


Film yang ditunggu


The CGI looks like crap lol


#1 wwo




Turkey trend one


Que maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal traileeer !!!!!! esa mamada queeee!!!!


Oh no! Sony's making it T_T


Star Trek Into Darknessun tipini sikeyim orosbu cocukları yıl 2018 oldu hala şu boktan şeyi düzeltmediniz grafik işletim sisteminize sokayım


Finally... a movie for this badass.


Looks like the black spiderman lol


So where is spiderman?


Will Tom Hardy go against Tom Holland?


Bu niye trendlerde ?


wow Tom Hardy is totally miscast-ed in this.


0:39 random guy with camera




you guys notice when he's pushed against the wall by Star Trek Into Darkness he has hard nipples?


Well, at least Star Trek Into Darkness isn’t greedy. He shares their body quite nicely. Kind of.


Star Trek Into Darkness is awesome ߘߘ


Star Trek Into Darkness is one of those movies that you think will never happen and when they realise a trailer you think it is fan-made


Venoninho Extueme, é o Star Trek Into Darkness éxtueme


Star Trek Into Darkness REYİZZZZZ




I am Star Trek Into Darkness We are Star Trek Into Darkness\n\n\n\n\nRussian National Anthem plays in the background


so is he good, or bad?


Not a fan of Indian fella in movie


well after this trailer I dont have to watch the movie anymore




I wish this movie was about Eddie Brock instead of Tom Hardy.

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    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    Star Trek Into Darkness

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