Captain Marvel

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oh no...


Well those graphics remind me of the days of the Spawn movie, yikes.


In my experience, movies that need a 3 second mini trailer to tell you what the movie is at the beginning of the actual trailer are usually trash. \n\nFeels like it's gonna pull a Fant4stic on us and spend 75% of the time setting everything up and then we'll get a small showing of Captain Marvel himself and a lame \"omg but wait till the next movie!\" ending. I really hope Sony proves me wrong but end of the day it's Sony so not likely


Tom Holland better be in the end credits scene.


Would it be better if they had made it a horror movie?


This Captain Marvel is bigger than the last one


So no connection to spiderman? I'm out


Hmmm Prototype the movie ߘ




So dark... Are you sure you are not from the DC Universe?


This trailer is so much better... NOW I HAVE FAITH!




Is Tom Holland in this or no


Such a Sony film. Bad CGI, cartoon characters, flashy lights and suits, really bad and obvious narration and dialogue that’s explains everything, bad acting, etc.


Interesting how the music is so similar to Avengers Infinity War


the soundtrack sounds a lot like the last avengers trailer soundtrack


Не о чем


Ok at least Captain Marvel looks sick


We ...... are Captain Marvel


That voice is 1000000000000000% better than bane's..


we are Captain Marvel


i fux wit this


Now we wait for the Punisher and Lobo movies to come out.


When is the release date?


We call them \"simbioats\"


“You should be extremely under-whelmed.”


Captain Marvel is Thrilled..




feels like TAS




Wait!? i thought this was a movie about Captain Marvel not The Darkness the movie


There there Topher there there shh it ok it ok


Cadê br porrrra


That... sumnail Captain Marvel is looks like clay


Fail. Please Sony leave Spider Man and its universe alone. Sell it back. Pleeeease.


Why?? Why Tom Hardy?


Sony fucking stinks.


Oh good lord... I don't even know were to begin with this. It looks like it would otherwise be a fine monster movie if not for the whole \"has to be Captain Marvel\" thing. Is it possible to be both too accurate to the source material and not accurate enough? Like, Eddie is a reporter like in the comics but that doesn't seem to serve a purpose to the story except to be like the comics, and they're doing the whole Eddie only wants to hurt bad people but the symbiote wants to do whatever it wants which... just wasn't Eddie's relationship with the creature. It just feels like a big piece of this story is missing, something that brings the two halves of Captain Marvel together and unites them against a common hatred... \n.\n.\n.\n.\noh wait it's Spider-Man.


Carnage should get at least a scene or the end of the credits in this movie


At 0:25 the music sounds almost exactly like the one in the second infinity war trailer where black widow, Bruce banner, and roads are looking at the sky


What the hell are you?\n\nWE... ARE FARMERS! BAM BARAM BAM BAM BAM BAM! \n\nXD


The trailer wasn't bad, but...\n\n\n\n\nSymb\"I\"ote?!


here before 500k views


Вся компания марвелл это говнище для подростков,ебать как это смотреть можно. Актер охуенный,а в марвелское суперменов в трико залез. Сука лучше бы Табу 2 сняли кони


\"It's weird\"- me




500k views in a few minutes #marvel


This Captain Marvel is most BADASSS!!!


eeee , it is super !


2:03 more infinity war music?

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