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WE ARE GROOT!!\nOops wrong film.


\"I dun know..\" proceeds to catch bodies




Demonic possession made to look like a super hero movie Nice try


I I need it Spiderman is in this or carnage


This is going to be AWESOME




Aye that’s in San Francisco


#We are Venom!


2:22 FAV


this better be good just saying..


I can only imagine what he'd feel taking a dump in the restroom. He's in the middle of it and the symbiotic life-form is in his head and says \"Do you like that, Eddie?\".




Wrong. I seen spider man 3. Peter Parker was Venom first


I have to watch it


Scary sight ߑ


Honestly doesn't even look that good... but I'm still very curious to watch it lol


Don't u just love mutant spiders!!!


Vou ter que assistir essa porra!


Ok, this looks good now


Let's see if DC be right on that!! Kkk


Extreme papapapapapappa papapapapapappa tá ficando apertado!


Where's the Spiderman


Sooooo good


That tongue is long af


1 like = 1 more spiderman character into MCU


Sim by oat?


I feel this trailer spoils the fun, I stoped watching at 1:05 not because its bad, just because it tells almost the entire movie.


Where the hell is Spiderman?\n\nLooks like they have rewrote the origin story.


This better not be rated r cause i will be pissed


I really hope this won't be one of those movies where we only see the full Venom suit in the last 30 minutes of the movie...


So they Deadass gave Venom a Movie?


Mah gawd hype is real




The only reason Venom should be a good guy is if its anti-Venom, even before Venom Eddie wasn’t exactly a star player


yes ... my twin is back ... 1.000.000 Like


What happens to Eddie Brock's face when Venom sticks his tongue out?


Wow trending...


I've always pronounced it 'Sym-bee-ote' not 'Sym-by-ote'. Have I really been wrong this whole time?


imagine if vemon was in infinity wars


Spider-Man 3 Venom looks better... this one looks too fake


Finally a real actor doing the real Venom


That Venom look is so nasty! I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole and I love it!!


Naon eta teh wa


2:16 we are Venom




Omg...been waiting for this..dunno if we see carnage in it


Am i the only one excited to see how spider man vs Venom 2.0 will be after this movie?


Wait is symbote pronounced that way?

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