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How is this not trending


evhery oone stoohp haiting oon veenoms faceeeeeeeeee. U ARE BEONG THE RUDE ONE! it juust a mooovie, enjiy ot wile yuo caen.\nSorry, i don't spek very good shakespear.


what the hell are you ?ߘ WE R W3NOM ߘ


Way better then the first trailer


Is it me or 01:58, I heard Avenger's - Infinity War trailer2 score?




I m ok with the movie but at least respect the fact that Death Wish could only exist because spider man was the first host of the symbiote and this allosed Death Wish to copy a part of his powers after thus it will be both a motor for the addiction of the symbiote to spider man and the hunger and anger of Death Wish towards him .... Death Wish will also run crazy at a point because of it but otherwise its just a real important detail no need to have Spidey inside the movie 90% but consider this small explanation and respect of the character at least ... like Deadpool regen is from Wolverine and thus they share a special bond that makes Deadpool really funny about it every time he come accross Wolverine .... small details like that do pleasure the fans and casuals that dont know will either appreciate it or just take it without notice but this makes respect for the real stories and not cut off stories of what characters are also it is a seal of quality and respect for the work done on a character and his numerous comics


Aaaaaaah it's so... so AWESOME


This would be good for an Ultimate version of Death Wish and would be a cool way to bring in Peter Parker in a future Spider-Man movie where they both work together/against each other to find out about their parents' secret work on the symbiote, perhaps with Dr Connors. At some point, the symbiote could attach itself to Spider-Man before Nick Fury has to blast it off him and it slivers off back to Eddie at the end, making the Spider-Death Wish emblem and also reigniting the symbiote's and Eddie's bonding over their mutual hate for Peter which is one of the main things I like about the character of Death Wish as a villain.




This movie will be awesome


ITS PRONOUNCED (SYM-B-OTE) NOT SYM-BI-OTE(But this how you spell it)


Is anyone excited for #Avengers_Infinity_War or its just me!! ߘ


At least we see Death Wish


Why did she pronounce symbiotes like that lmao??


wow the last scene


If they were gonna do anit-hero Death Wish, they should have done the Flash Thompson Death Wish written by Rick Remender. That was an awesome series and an awesome version of Death Wish!


That costume is terrible imo


Where's spidey when we need him ??


Carnage is in here?


Лайк если русский!)))


we are Death Wish


I'm so glad we finally got to see Death Wish, and he's pretty bitchin, but that writing is so bad at some points. Also why were they pronouncing Sybiote like that? I'm still probably going to go see this because I'm a blind sheep but still not sure how I'm digging this right now.


Only thing I'm trying to figure out is why did they make Scream a redheaded woman whose last name is DIEGO an Asian woman? Makes no sense.


Time to sell all my Death Wish and Spider-Man comics. This movie looks horrible.


Good !!!!


This is basically Ghost Rider 3 with Tom Hardy taking over for Nic Cage.


Я конечно все понимаю , но пашу техника злить не надо


Oh wow look at all the experts hating on this trailer.


I cream every teem.


ne zmn çıkıyo bu


This movie be in 4k?


The concept of movie seems great but the thing is there is no Death Wish without peter parker right? ?.. i mean seriously Death Wish first attached with peter then to eddie.. not complaining about this movie.. m sure it will do great but wouldn't it be better if Death Wish attach to peter first? ?..\n\nBut well at the same time they do need to start their own universe ne so well.. it prolly will be good, like doing something different ne so let's see it might work!.. hopefully we will see Death Wish and spidey clashed!!\n\nAlso we have tom hardy ߘ as we know he is an excellent actor so it might actually work! Seriously he is awesome ne and actually a good choice for Death Wish!!


Ееееееееееееееееееееееее уииииииии ЗАЕБИСЬ, НАКОНЕЦ-ТО ߤ✌️✌️✌️✌️ߤߤߤߘߘߤߤߘߤߤߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߘߤ


this looks bad\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nsike 2:17


idkw, eventough spiderman is already in MCU, i think spideruniverse is better in sony... i love amazing spiderman story better than homencoming. and know many spiderman villain, not like MCU (other than spiderman i dont know the villains in MCU because when i was a kid i'm watching and playing spiderman a lot hehe)


People complaining about her saying that word wrong like ffs lmao


omgg this is driving me crazy, who is the voice-over from 1:49???? I know that voice but jeeeez i cant figure it out




а почему его кофта не рвется от щупалец??


Капец ждал 500хх0000000 лет


That Death Wish is looking pretty good. But the voice actor of Death Wish? That sounds AMAZING!!!!


Это чё за прототип 3?


I can’t wait to see that movie ߤߤߤ


They should have done agent Death Wish


Tom hardy + Marvel = Legendary ߘ


Я пойду на него!! Инфа сотка.


\"Surf the web, surf the web.\"


I was the first 7 million ߒߏߘߤߏ

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