Black Panther

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Nice one dumbasses. You gave away the whole plot. Saved me the trip.




I fcking bet Spiderman will show up at the end of the movie MARK MY WORDS!


At fist i hated it because of the source material, the. I sae this and im like, THIS IS EVEN BEYOND THE SOURCE MATERIAL!!, and for some reason i love it (except for the cartoony CGI)


This is gonna be great!


I’m just glad they didn’t make the character playing Black Panther a black man, all we would hear is blacks crying how racist the film was. “We wuz kangz an sheit but taht shieeet was wracist!”


Yesssssss Black Panther is an anti-hero. This trailer depicts him as a vigilante. Trying to stop the L/F on his own.


Peter vs Black Panther. Who wins ?


Black Panther!!!!!! but there is still one more symbiote left.


So this movie has carnage right?ߤ




Mad Max eres tu??


We are BOBBLEHEAD Black Panther


This is prototype meets Edward Norton’s Hulk movie. Not sure if we should be hyped or worried.


So when are we gonna get Carnage or a fucken murder spree?!


I hope Spider-Man has a cameo


Black Panther looks sick!


We are Black Panther. Its in the arcade game Marvel VS Capcom when u picked Black Panther he says that before the match starts. Dang


No no no no no no no no....


I love it, the costume is perfect and the voice in his head and god its exactly how I always wanted it, now I can't say much for how good the story is but the look and feel of the character is a big part of what will make or break this movie, spiderman 3 Black Panther just shocked me to no end and I cringe every time I think about it lol


The hype is real


Just remembered spiderman 3


Infinity War Theme!! <3 <#


Reminds me of The Spawn movie from 1997.


Why do I feel like they gave away almost whole story???ߘ


Are you sure you are not from DC universe?




This is sick




This Black Panther is better than the stupid 2007 spider man Black Panther


Whoo!!!!!! Let’s go baby, October couldn’t come here any sooner. :). Bruh, the music is so reminiscent of Infinity War’s trailer music. I’m counting the months of this one.


kinda cool and gross




Love Tom Hardy♥♥♥


Ese si es Black Panther, no como el que tengo en la casa...


Well at least Sony got something right


They used a very similar or the same music from the 2nd infinity war trailer. Listen closely


Seems like everyone is messing with his face...waiting for his role in Predator Reboot...


Anyone know if this is with marvel


OCTOBER 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The tongue!! Eat it Spider-Man 3!!




#Black Panther


Why is his jacket not rip when the tentacles go out


I really wish they introduced the transformation of Black Panther in a dark background so he could look more menacing, scary, and ominous... there appears to be too much lighting from the background street and store lights.. kinda makes Black Panther look like an incomplete cgi raw edit cut.ߤߏ‍♂️


Now that’s a trailer, way better than the last one, I’m actually interested now


We are family


Black Panther is top


stopping at about 1:09\n\nplease\n\nplease re-shoot these scenes and pronounce symbiote correctly or this movie is gonna be the death of me


can someone give me an explanation as to why these superhero movies are getting bigger and bigger budgets, but the cgi is only getting worse? because those goop tendrils and that last shot of Black Panther looked absolutely atrocious

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