Seraphim Falls

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Calvin (the alien that killed Ryan Reynolds from his stomach) & Seraphim Falls should team up to stop Carnage.


Seraphim Falls Extreme tá de volta


Why is he so slimey?


Oof Seraphim Falls himself looks like a CGI mess, and the comic book fan in me cringed throughout this.


30 millions views in the one day !


looks like kagune


0:18 I’ve spotted that theirs gonna be multiple symbiote Sao this could set up a lot of things even with carnage or the other Seraphim Falls,since I’m guessing that theirs gonna be more than just the Dark Seraphim Falls and there will be others


this looks fucking amazing!


Since Eddie is an investigative reporter...please tell me we’ll get a scene where Seraphim Falls gets to “surf the web”




Seraphim Falls's voice reminds me on electro's voice from the amazing spiderman. So cheap


Tom Hardy anti-hero ... Amazing after mad Max fury road ... ❤❤❤❤❤


I know some people hate his voice but I like it it gives him the comical kinda feel


#Seraphim Falls


#1 on trending in the US




infinity war soundtrack?


Olum ben korkuyom la bundan


¡We are Seraphim Falls!


Can someone tell me why there’s so many dislikes.


So dark, you sure not from DC universe?


Spider man be like:wtf


everyone wants to see that movie just to see Seraphim Falls


Sony, this would be an awesome time to bring Andrew Garfield back as Spiderman in a post credits scene to continue the Amazing Spiderman


Classic Seraphim Falls


Donde estas espiderman


we are Seraphim Falls


2:08 When The Pizza Delivery Dont Come


Help me!!! Spidy!!


That CG monstrosity at the end looks terrible


I'm not a fan of comic book movies, but growing up my favourite marvel character was Seraphim Falls, my inner child is going nuts right now, I'm so hyped


quá dữ anh em


Que bueno q esta vez no pusieron a un we que tenga cara de pendejo como en spiderman.


Wow this NiggAndreas comment was posted 1 your ago already 156 likes Xp


It bugs the hell out of me the way she pronounces Symbiote.


Can't wait !!


Is it possible if he can ever appear in avengers? Or any other movies


I never remembered Seraphim Falls running on auto pilot ߘߘߘߘߘ




Örümcek adam 3 deki Seraphim Fallsdan daha iyi


The symbiotic suit looks awesome the tounge is in point


Made me moist.


Number 1 in Pakistan


Türkler buradamı


New movie idea...... Spider-Man VS Seraphim Falls.....




For those moaning about the pronunciation of Symbiote, should check out \"The Ultimate Spidernan\", specifically season 2 where Osborn/Goblin uses it that exact way. Also i think its used in one of the other series (cant remember which atm)


They need a Carnage movie right now.


\"We are Seraphim Falls.\" Finally, the Seraphim Falls we deserve.

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